FERNE NORTHCOTT  not only brings professionalism & knowledge to Real Estate Sales, she brings Stability.  Define ‘Stability Ferne’  (interview:  April 2020)  Well, I have been in Real Estate for nearly 50 years, count  ‘em, yes nearly 50 years !!  Since 1973 we have seen, felt and experienced such a variation of Real Estate Markets only the strong could survive. Remember 1980, when the market collapsed with no government safety net and builders selling their product for pennies on the dollar? And people were losing their homes due to bank foreclosures… 1986, EXPO brought it all back… the lower mainland was a mecca for foreign investment… then 2008, subprime mortgages & again market crash?  Fast forward to today, 9. I’ve been stable in varying unstable but unique industry. But the investment goes on. The best investment in the world is Tera Nova, they are not making any more of it. The lower Fraser Valley, Canada’s Riviera, continues to be a mecca in both lifestyle & investment. You never can go wrong with  Real Estate Investment.